1.      The ARGO FILM FESTIVAL, non governmental foundation, which is based in Volos, is organizing the film festival "Argo Film Festival". The purpose of these analytical procedures is to define the conditions for participation in the festival and the process of emergence of winners in this.

2.      Participation in this Contest is open to people aged 15 years or older. In case of participation of minors the consent of those exercising parental responsibility will be required, which should be provided when filling out the participation form in the site (see below). The nominated films will not exceed in any case the total duration of 25 minutes. If they do, then this film will be categorized and shown in the "Special Screenings" and will omitted from the competitive part.

3.      The process of sending your entry to the Festival is performed by an online submission form found at www.argofilmfestival.com. If/When interest is shown in sending a movie after the deadline, please contact the organizing committee. The organizing committee reserves the right not to accept late entries.

4.      Participation in the festival is free of charge for participants. The private information of participants will be required and requested in accordance with the provisions of Greek law (Law 2472 / 1997, Presidential Decree 207 / 1998. Presidential Decree 79 / 2000 and Law No. 8 2819 / 2000); and European law (Directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC), a valid entry in the contest MUST have: director's name, address, zip code (Zip Code), city, contact telephone number (fixed & mobile) and e-mail address (e-mail). Entries will be considered Valid if the participant has completed truthfully, accurately and fully these fields and the additional fields: a brief description of the film, film title in Greek / English, type film, exact duration, poster tape and the entry's YOUTUBE Link. The Organizers reserve the right to communicate with the participants for verification of their personal information.

5.      For a valid entry in the festival the completion of the relevant application form on the website is necessary, which automatically means the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the festival, so that your entry can be considered valid.

6.      The films which will be submitted by participants in the festival should be original, and not offend intellectual property rights of third persons or bodies (eg personality). Participants as sole beneficiaries of copyright in their films, with their participation in the festival the organizers are granted the right to project the films on site and during the festival, and the right to use them for promotional purposes of the festival and the organising committee for a period of one year, and the participants only have the responsibility of any violation of any rights of third parties. The obligations laid down in this condition is a prerequisite for the validity of your participation in the festival and for this purpose, each participant must confirm explicitly the aforementioned terms and conditions in the participation form each participant is required to fill, before submitting the film. In case of violation of the copyright of others from the movies that have been submitted and projected in the festival, any liability against the festival and the organizers is considered wrongful and unjust, and the liability falls on to the creators of the movie and so as does the payment of any additional costs of damage of the third party. The Organizers have the right to check the movies before projecting them to determine if any of the movies contain scenes of low morality, so as to prevent projection in the cinematic screen.

7.      Multiple entries will be accepted.

8.      Participation in the festival is strictly personal and you may not participate on behalf of others.

9.      The implementation of the Festival requires the creation of personal data files which will include the name, birth date, phone number and email addresses of participants. For this reason participation in the festival involves the provision of explicit and unconditional consent of any Participant  in order to enable The Argo Film Festival organizing committee to enter his/her name and other requested information in a file that will be created by the provisions of Law 2472/1997, as amended, Law 2774/1999 and the decisions and directives of the Data Protection Authority Personal Data. The purpose of the maintenance of this file is vital for the implementation of the competition and especially the identification of participants (confirm their identities), and the identification of the festival’s winners. In addition, any future contact will be made with the participants in the competition for advertising and promotional activities, for those of participants who have given its consent. In the latter case the data of the participants will be maintained for a period of one year. In accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/1997, each participant has the right to request in writing by the Argo Film Festival the reformulation or deletion of his or her personal data from the festival’s data file. In regards to the maintenance and processing of personal data of participants, Argo Film Festival will take any necessary notification to the Data Protection Authority.

10.   The Argo Film Festival reserves the right to disclose the names and publish/project the winning films in the media and the festival’s site and make use of it for advertising purposes relating to the Festival and its event, without paying any fees.

11.   The Argo Film Festival reserves the right to modify, revoke, extend or shorten the duration of the festival, and to alter the terms and dates of participation and / or to cancel the festival at its discretion and without any underlying claim of participants for these reasons, nor against the Argo Film Festival, the festival will announce any such changes in its website and / or any appropriate means at reasonable discretion.

12.   Participation in the competition implies full and unreserved acceptance of the detailed conditions of participation.

13.   Any dispute which may arise in connection with the Festival will be resolved exclusively by the Courts of Volos and in accordance with Greek law and the present analytical conditions.

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